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Trend Hair In 2013
The fashion world and stole hairdressing to present something different for women. Leakage, seepage as hair style trends, draw the attention of the womenfolk to be followed in order to be applied when entering the new year.

Ningtyas Diah, a practitioner trying to divide the beauty of what will become a trend in the coming years especially in hairstyle. Women who work a dozen years in the cosmetology world is saying, hairdressing trends for women in 2013 did not experience a significant change from the previous year. Even as it says many experts and professionals, hairstyle been booming in the 1960's will be the trend next year.

"As many people say, hairstyle trends 1960 will prevail again. But could not be as rigid as in times before his time, because there are adjustments here and there in accordance with the times today," explained long-haired women to , (group Sunday (16/12/2012).

Suppose dcontohkan Diah woman who was familiarly called, in 2013, many people would prefer and love to highlight the results of a more presentable hair clippings. The impression piece will seem simple but still show feminine women.

It fit as ever seen in the golden era hairstyles in the 1960's on twiggy haircut and simple cutouts like bob. The force is enough to give the message that she was happy to show something as exciting without leaving the impression feminine.

"And it's quite interesting, revived and used in the modern era of women as it is now," he explained.

Diah confirmed, Indonesia's female characters feminine and sporty will be accommodated with a hairstyle like that era. Diah hairstyle models predict this will be very attractive to women. Asymmetrical short hair clippings straight and sharply styled asymmetric spike, according to him, will also be popular.



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