Snacking on chips and fried Risk

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Snacking on chips and fried Risk
The usual snacks you eat may be able to threaten the long-term health. Thus was launched through Medicaldaily, Jumay (21/12).

Snacks, such as chips, fries and soda can increase the growth of polyps in the colon, thereby increasing the risk of colon cancer (colorectal).

In Asia, colon cancer is highly vulnerable to attack people with Lynch syndrome. Nearly 70 percent of people with Lynch syndrome will develop colorectal cancer.

Lynch syndrome is an inherited condition caused by a genetic abnormality that makes a person susceptible to cancer at a very young age. This disease affects one in 660 people.

However, healthy people can have the same risk for adopting unhealthy eating patterns. Previous studies have revealed a frequency of drinking alcohol and eating red meat also contribute to the increased risk of colon cancer.



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