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9 Worst Food For Health to ConsumedWe do not say, the foods below should not be longer you consume. But try to avoid the following foods in your diet, if you want to maintain nutrition and weight loss.
1. Fried dessert
Basically desserts already have high levels of fat and high sugar. So imagine how bad if it was served with fried food. And do not be complacent with fried banana or pineapple fried just because the fruit. Because it is made with a dough wrapper and syrup, they are a bad dessert.
2. Fried foods and cheese layered
Basically, all fried foods bad for your health. So if the coated cheese fries, this meal is certainly on the list of worst for consumption. Fat cheeses usually contain 10 times more fat than white meat and fish. Moreover, plus fried carbs.
3. Carbonated Drinks
Soft drinks and sodas is bad for health because they contain a lot of calories, even if consumed in small amounts. Based on the study, soft drinks may increase the risk of bone fragility aka osteoporosis, tooth pain, and heart attack. In addition, diet drinks are also not recommended because of the potential increased risk of dental erosion (due to the bubbles in the drink that is acidic).
4. Alcopop colored
Alcopop is a drink containing 4-7 percent alcohol content. Alcopop high calories because alcohol contains calories and sugar. Plus, the drink was full of colorings and flavorings, which makes it a fairly toxic drinks. Guide that is practical is, the brighter the color alcopop, then the Evil drink to be consumed.
5. Liquid food
Okay, liquid food is not always bad, but liquid food or meal replacement drinks can keep you from eating the right foods. Meal replacement consumed may be better suited people who are sick, but do not let that kind of food replaces natural foods.
6. Processed Meat
Processed meat has another name "mystery meat", because it is not clear what is contained in it. But one thing is for sure, if processed meat is packaged in cans and type of meat is not clear, then the meat is not good for the body. Try to avoid the sausage and salami, as processed with fat and salt.
7. Chicken nuggets
Chicken nuggets similar to sausage, which comes from the rest of the meat mixed with flour. And when that little nugget nugget-fried, it will increase the level as the worst foods to consume. A little piece of fried nuggets absorb more fat from the pan it.
8. Sinker
If there is one food that symbolizes the junk food of the 21st century, it's a donut. Well coated, filled, glazed with sugar and jam, or the plain ones, the food is not good for the body. Not just a matter of fine flour and refined sugar, but food is also fried in refined oil. Donuts will disrupt your blood sugar balance, and can speed up the burning process, so you'll quickly feel hungry again.
9. Canned Soup
The soup was not bad food and not worth it compared to the foods above. But if it is talking about the salt and food packaging, then of course soup cans in the list. It would be much better if you cook the soup itself. Rather than canned.



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