Beware 3 Problems Hair Smoothing Post

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Hair TipsSmoothing is most ideal to soften slightly wavy hair straight. Including those who have straight hair and want a fluffy texture that is more straight and smooth. However, you should avoid too frequent smoothing. Instead of growing good, it presents a new problem on your hair.

According to Dr. Karina Dhita, GDSS, there are at least three possible problems that can arise from too frequent smoothing. First the possibility of allergies of the active substance contained in the drug smoothing.
"These chemicals can cause irritation or allergy when in contact with the scalp in people with sensitive skin," says dermatologist's Hospital Sidoarjo. Allergic reactions can occur ranging from mild to severe. "The light can be itching confined to the contact area. The more serious until the skin blisters and itching in other places, "he added.
Because of that, he warned, to be more safe, women who want to do the smoothing should really pay attention to the materials used. If they include people who are easily allergic to certain active substances that may be contained in the drug smoothing, should avoid these products.
The second issue that may arise from the smoothing is hair damage. This typically happens when the process pencatokan. "The heat temperature hair clamp tool that can make the hair shaft is broken," he explained.
When do the smoothing, so that the absorption of the active ingredient in the drug smoothing the hair shaft to run faster is to use a steamer. In this case dr Dhita steamer suggested that should the temperature is not too hot, it can burn and damage the hair cuticle.
Furthermore, the third problem, smoothing can cause hair loss. This usually occurs because the pull is done when hair clamp.
However, Dr. Dhita still allow perform smoothing, as long as the time is set properly. When it is appropriate and safe? "It should be six months to a year once. This time span is safe for the scalp and hair shaft, "he said.
There are not any people who do smoothing also be based on a concern for treatment afterwards. Wash with shampoo and conditioner every day just is not enough. Try routine intensive care such as using hair serum and hair mask. Both of these products can help restore smoothness and luster of healthy hair.


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