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Hair Care Tips Veiling, Consciousness tends to wear hijab now higher among Muslim women. In addition to maintaining functioning genitalia, the veil is believed also to prevent the occurrence of some of the risks of disease, such as cervical cancer. However, not a few Muslim women who are troubled by the hair because the veil.

Caring for hair that is always in the hijab is a little different. No special treatment should be done so that the hair is not damaged. Quoted from MSN, here are some tips that you can apply in treating hair covered:
Before wearing a headscarf, make sure hair is dry. In wet conditions, hair-covered hijab all day can cause a limp and odor. Too damp hair can be a trigger dandruff or other scalp problems. 

Use a shampoo that suits your hair type. Choose the type of shampoo that offers benefits anti-loss or oily hair types. Both also when the shampoo is enriched with mint or ginseng can strengthen hair roots.
For those of you who have long hair, you should arrange with braided hair or dicepol. Avoid the habit of tying your hair tightly while veiled. With loose ties, signs you can still breathe but still neatly arranged in a hijab.
If you want to wear a hair clip, choose one that is not made ​​of metal. This material when applied to the hair can lead to broken or brittle. The brace of plastic or rubber is recommended.
To be more easily arranged and cared for, maybe it is better to choose a short hairstyle. That way, you will not encounter much difficulty in treating hair that always at hijab.


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