5 Mistakes Causes of Hair saucer

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5 Mistakes Causes of Hair saucer
Doing blow out at home or in the salon is an instant way to make limp hair look beautiful in a flash. All women must understand this trick.

However, if done excessively, this way it will make the hair more quickly drenched. Therefore, the excessive use of styling products will cause chemical residues accumulate on the scalp. As a result, the hair always feels dirty and greasy.

In addition, the frequent use of hair exposed to heat from a hairdryer or vise tool, resulting in naturally scalp will produce more oil to lubricate dehydrated hair and comb when rubbed by-blow.

Starting to feel guilty? Consider other causes are possible without you knowing it has become the main reason your hair becomes limp.

Using a leave on conditioner, protective serum vitamin or hair that is too close to the scalp.
Whatever finishing products are used, make sure that only applied on hair. Avoid direct contact with the scalp, because the product is formulated to moisturize the hair cuticle. The scalp can produce natural lubricant to moisturize the skin, but in excess it can cause problems.

Using excessive hair styling product before styling your hair, especially when mencatok.
Foam or mousse is useful to make fluffy hair beautifully. However, if done excessively, it can actually cause hair to overheat and "mature" when dicatok or diikal. As a result, even hair texture and moisture loss.

Selection of type of shampoo and conditioner is wrong.
Make sure you know the type of your scalp before choosing a shampoo and conditioner. Especially when the hair and scalp needs special care. For example, dandruff or fall.

In addition to the type of scalp and hair, be sure you can shed shampoo residue, dirt and oil on the scalp and hair completely, but still safe to use every day.

Hormonal factors also play a role in this.
In his teens, excess oil production not only explains why acne prone skin, but also the reason why the hair at the age of pubert too greasy quickly.

The same thing occurs in adult women. When the menstrual period or are currently using contraception, usually followed by a hormone imbalance. At this time the scalp also tends to be oily, so the hair was limp.

Too often combed. It sounds trivial, but the fact is when combing, you actually distribute the natural oils in the scalp to the hair surface. When done too often, the result is actually looking very oily hair.

Eating fatty foods is excessive.
For those of you who like steak, be careful. Too many fatty foods or contain a lot of oil and preservatives, can trigger the production of excess oil on the hair, because these foods makes the body secrete excess oil contents. Improve your diet by increasing consumption of fruits and vegetables.


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