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Do you think doing a leap of his career within the company, or the target position in the specific part for months? You may have to undergo an interview internally to get the position of the target.

This type of interview should not weigh other interviews. But in fact, it is much more difficult. Even though the people around You are familiar, you should not be off guard because it was a new position and you're being evaluated along with the other candidates.

Be internal candidates can be a great advantage if you do the right approach. Here there are several ways to prepare an internal interview that can help you achieve your desired position.

Follow the procedure
Do with your order. Before you consider to fill a new position, make sure you discuss your decision with the Manager at this time. Why? Of course, because you want your supervisor heard these words directly from you, not from other people. Remember, that when you get that position or not, you still are in the same company. And the last thing you do is not make the problem of leaders in any part.

Looking for information
One of the advantages of the interview with your workplace today is you have easy access to a variety of information from insiders — who is going to interview you? Who team to join You? What are the benchmarks that position?

Take advantage of the information to the maximum extent possible. As soon as you stated qualify as candidates, start contacting colleagues who can help and give you an idea. Ask for honest feedback from friends who can be trusted. This can help You to beat the candidates from outside the company.

Prepare yourself
Be calm and be professional. This means, do a full preparation to answer tough questions and show that you are the right person for that position (other than the fact that you know the ins and outs of the company). Also, never assume that people are familiar with the work and achievements of you, even if you have been in that position for quite a while. Bring Your work history, examples of work and internal reference list that can show your credibility.

You should also be prepared to disclose your previous experience outside of the company. so, they know You, but they do not necessarily know or remember things anything you've done before.

Dress appropriately
Of course fashion interview to be the important thing. The dress code in the interview show to everyone that you really consider the interview process seriously and you understand the new title you seek. The last thing you want to do is give the impression this is a "typical day" or the position you deserve without the need to perform a hard effort. So even though in your work can wear casual clothing or official, select worth clothing the day of the interview.

You may have been interviewed by people who often you see, but it does not matter if you would like to extend a big thank you. It is an opportunity to affirm your interest in the position and give thanks for their time. Personally, I am a person who likes to send hand-written greeting. It is indeed a bit time-consuming, but it adds a personal impression and increase the level of professionalism that is rarely found in the email.

Most importantly, when did the preparation in an interview internally, good for You doing the same professionalism with interviews that befits You do as an outsider, even though you have the advantage due to the fact you have worked there. Do the preparation of cooked and not in a hurry, and prepare to be known by the person who will be interviewing you, then you're ready to make them impressed!


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