How to Password Cracking Windows XP in 2 steps

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How to Password Cracking Windows XP in 2 steps. Computers with Windows XP OS is locked? Just breaking windows XP password. Follow the following ways!

How hard can not go home because the key is lost or carried by a husband or wife who has not come home when you need a key to get into the house, plus it was already late at night, heavy rain and dying soon you want to get home and into the room bath :)
So also when you want to get your computer or laptop but you forget the password, gubrak! While you want to immediately take the necessary data or just reply to emails from your friends on the spot. But not b isa entry because forgot password??

STOP! do not be discouraged yet, if your operating system is Windows XP there is still a gap to go :-) maybe the windows open so you can get through it! hehehe No, you only need to do 2 great tips on how to break the password Windows XP. Listen ya way Windows XP Password Cracking in 2 steps:
The first way:
1. Restart your computer
2. press F8
3. Choose safemode
4. Log administrator
5. Select Start continues to hold user accounts control panel
6. Choose a password accounts, select remove password
7. Is complete, restart your computer

Second way:
1. Turn on your computer
2. When windows asks password press ctrl + alt + del simultaneously
3. Clear the user name and password, enter
4. If you can not get in as well, fill in the user name with the user "administrator" (without quotes), Clear the password, enter

Yes! Congratulations you have been able to log back into your computer :-)


1. This method should not be used to open other people's computer password without permission
2. If the administrator has in the password, then you can not use the two ways above


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